About Mix

Mix is the colour, design and trend magazine that brings you accurate information about colour trends, materials and products in quarterly instalments. The inspirational and innovative concepts presented in this leading publication will help you to apply colour trends to your business, enabling you to meet the needs of your clientele.

Mix magazine offers readers 130 pages of information on everything from exhibitions to industry profiles. Its superior production quality combined with the considered content makes it a vital design tool for conscientious creatives. The magazine is published four times a year; in March, June, August and December.

Launched in 2006, Mix magazine took inspiration from the Japanese idea of "mooks" (magazine books). The colourful images and insightful editorial of a magazine are merged with the detail and quality of a book, creating a long lasting and invaluable publication, ideal for anyone within the design industry.


All professionals who need to know about colour trends:
Design sector: Interior designers, industrial and product designers, architects, colour specifiers, colourists
Industry and marketing: Product and brand managers from various industries: retail and development, marketing, purchasing and communications
Educational sector: Universities and libraries, professors and lecturers, design students
Consumers: Those with a savvy interest in colour, interiors and the latest trends


Observers: Small articles focusing on new products and concepts
Stories & interviews: Hot topics, detailed articles, market analysis and interviews with some of the most prominent designers in today's industry
Show Previews: A look at the most exciting international shows
Trends: A focus on two key colour trends for the coming year, coupled with inspirational photography, colours notated using the NCS Colour System with RGB and Lab breakdowns and usage examples covering all industry sectors including residential, architectural, industrial and automotive, giving designers a broader view of the future
Materials: Latest developments from the surfaces, materials, fabrics, flooring and wall treatment sectors and micro-trends.
Student trends: New concepts and ideas compiled by the most prestigious design schools from all over the world
Industry and technology: Essential updates, new developments, news and trends from the contract and technology sectors
Things we love: A snapshot of what is currently inspiring the Mix team

Why subscribe to Mix magazine?

Stay ahead of the trends: By making sure that you don't miss any issues you will have access to colour and trend information one year ahead of the season, keeping you on top of any new developments. From colour stories and exhibitions to micro trends, Mix presents everything that you need to apply trends successfully into your day to day work.

Working tool: Mix magazine is a working tool which delivers trend news directly to your office, providing a reference on the latest news for colour, materials, textures, shapes and design concepts. Whether you are a designer, manufacturer, buyer or a marketer, Mix magazine is the magazine to read if you need to stay ahead of the competition.

Colour palettes with reference: Mix is the only magazine that offers you colour references in RGB, Lab and NCS, allowing you to work with the trend colours on any computer system. On the trend pages you will also find colour combinations and inspiring text and images that will help you to understand and apply these trends easily.

Compressible way to digest trends: You don't need to be a designer to work with Mix magazine. The information is designed to inspire through beautiful imagery and allows anyone who works in the industry to better understand how the creative process works and what you should keep your eye on.

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